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I have reached the point in life, somewhere between angry young man and grumpy old man, which is probably best described as middle aged disillusionment. Having advocated and researched sustainable development since I started designing buildings as a graduate (20 years ago) I cannot believe that we are still talking around the issues rather than doing anything about them. Eco-Bling still rules. It seems that people would prefer to show off their eco-awareness rather than actually do anything substantial about resolving the issues.

 Maybe the problem is just too large and too scary for people to handle. In order to develop a sustainable society we will have to change EVERYTHING. We will have to take action at every level from our individual behaviour to the way we plan the delivery of public services. We need to refurbish virtually every home in the country and get used to the idea of wind turbines throughout the countryside. And this will only be the start of what we must do to live with reduced fossil fuel availability.

 So I have finally succumbed to blogging as a means of capturing thoughts and information about sustainable development. After the first flood of pent up thoughts I can’t promise very frequent updates, but I hope that that the information might be of some use to others wrestling with the issues.

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