Enabling High Performance Building Design

Doug King in a sustainable design workshop

Doug leads a sustainable design workshop for a new campus for the Sri Aurobindo Society, India

Sustainable, high performance buildings often need to incorporate innovative designs and systems to achieve their targets. On the other hand, as an owner, designer or other property professional, you will recognise the need to find low cost solutions with proven functional benefits.

Doug King works collaboratively with owners, developers, design and delivery teams, right across the supply chain, to enable the realisation of high performance buildings. His authoritative evidence-based, scientific expertise helps mitigate project and innovation risk and enables you to optimise operational performance and asset value.

With Doug on your team you will of course receive specifically tailored support from an expert with over 20 years in the forefront of high performance building design. However, he goes much further. His passionate commitment to bridging the industry’s sustainability skills gap informs his approach to consultancy practice as well as his policy and campaigning work.

“Success comes from looking beyond simple regulatory compliance. The real benefits of high performance design are better business outcomes and competitive edge.”

Doug doesn’t just deliver pre-packaged design solutions for sustainable building projects. Believing that the best solutions come from the exchange of ideas, he imparts state-of-the-art knowledge and expertise in high performance design throughout the project lifecycle. He helps build skills and capability across your team. Capability that will enable them to deliver continuous improvement in building performance and value.

Please get in touch to discuss how Doug could help your project.

Value Adding Services

Millennium Sainsbury

For the groundbreaking Millennium Sainsbury’s Store Doug identified light as the key factor for retail success

If you are engaged in a building project, considering a development or operating a building then Doug can help you:

Strategic Support

  • Strategic briefs aligned with business performance goals;
  • Project briefs optimised for business performance benefits;
  • Strategies for the highest possible BREEAM or LEED ratings.

Design Support

  • Champion evidence based, high performance, sustainable design;
  • Alternative strategies, methods and products to suit specific needs;
  • Optimum energy strategies for new and existing buildings;
  • Cost effective sustainability strategies for planning applications;
  • Evidence based design and innovation risk management;
  • Sustainability and building performance design review.

“Eco-bling – renewables used to disguise poor design – is a zero sum game.  If the design is flawed and uses too much energy, adding renewables merely restores the status quo, but at much higher cost than energy efficiency”

Technical Support

  • Energy efficiency of whole buildings, systems and installations;
  • Low carbon and renewable energy opportunities;
  • Modeling and analysis to evaluate designs and proposals;
  • Specification and contractor design review.

Research & Innovation

  • Precedents and parallel technology developments;
  • Applied scientific research for low carbon buildings and systems.
Doug's background as a systems engineer allows him to rapidly analyse and interpret complex interactions and dysfunctional systems

Doug’s background as a systems engineer allows him to rapidly interpret complex and dysfunctional systems

Operational Support

  • Energy audits and investigations;
  • ‘Soft-Landings, handover, training and support;
  • BMS investigation, tuning and improvement including user interface;
  • Carbon reduction action plans for business operations;
  • Energy efficient asset replacement and investment plans;
  • Analysis, diagnosis and rectification of system performance problems.

Communication Support

  • Expert advocacy and communication of innovation and sustainability.