How can Doug help you?

We’d be delighted to talk about how Doug might help you with your project, solve a problem you are having or even just provide that little snippet of information you’ve been looking for.

If you have any questions about engaging Doug as a consultant please have a look at our frequently asked questions below, you may find them helpful.

Contact us by phone: +44(0) 1225 839846

Alternatively please use the contact form below. Your enquiry will be forwarded to us after screening for spam, (this involves sharing your email address with an anti-spam service) and Doug will be in touch shortly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How expensive are Doug’s services? Doug’s rates are actually at the modest end of the range for construction consultants. He also tailors his input to deliver exactly what you need from him, rather than following a service template, and he does not charge for extras that you don’t need.
Will I be charged every time you pick up the phone? Of course not. Doug often provides help and information of a minor kind free of charge and this approach naturally extends to paying clients too. Doug will never undertake any chargeable work without agreeing it with you first.
Doug is based in Bath, does he only work locally? No, Doug works throughout the UK and internationally, wherever he can contribute to a successful project. At the moment he is engaged in projects in India and China as well as across Europe.
Is it necessary that we meet? Yes, almost certainly. Doug can contribute best to your project if he has a detailed understanding of your objectives and that comes through familiarity. Doug’s presence at project meetings can also be invaluable. He has a knack of identifying opportunities in the gaps between the contributions of the regular design team members.
I’m interested. What happens next? Please call us or use the contact form above. Doug will get in touch for a no-obligation discussion about what you want to achieve and how he could help. If that discussion is fruitful we will make a full proposal for you to consider before you commit to anything.