Selected Project Experience

Doug King has been the environmental design specialist on many groundbreaking sustainable building projects worldwide including:

Trident Park & The Brewhouse, Birkirkara, Malta

Trident Park Malta

Trident Park is a major commercial redevelopment of post industrial land at the Farsons Brewery, which includes a heritage redevelopment of the Farsons Old Brewhouse itself. The Grade A commercial offices in the park are conditioned with the first installation of Thermally Active Building Slabs in a maritime Mediterranean climate, requiring extensive analysis and a comprehensive strategy to link control of heating, cooling and ventilation with the opportunity for occupants to open windows and balcony doors and benefit from the Maltese climate.

Project Details
Architect: Ritchie*Studio
Engineer: Doug King / Doug King Consulting
Project Value €35,000,000
Completed: 2023

The UN EcoBuilding, Podgorica, Montenegro

The EcoBuilding in Podgorica was the first construction project commissioned specifically to house UN Agencies anywhere in the world. Funded by the Montenegran Government, the building was designed to extremely high levels of comfort and passive energy conservation with groundwater heat exchange and sufficient photovoltaic generation to offset its entire energy demand.

Project Details
Architect: Buro Fugenschuh
Engineer: Doug King / King Shaw Associates
Project Value €2,800,000
Completed: 2014

Innovate Green Office, Thorpe Park, Leeds

Photo: Innovate Green OfficeThis project represents a major challenge to the conventional UK property industry. The brief was to provide standard developer specification office accommodation, but with low operating costs. Doug’s design delivered a 10% increase in yield for the operator by reducing energy and water consumption by 80%. It also resulted in the highest ever BREEAM Score and prompted BRE to introduce the BREEAM Outstanding rating.

Project Details
Architect: Rio Architects
Engineer: Doug King / King Shaw Associates
Project Value £5,500,000
Completed: 2007
Awards: BREEAM Award, BCI Environmental Award, Green Building of the Year, Building Services Environmental Initiative, RIBA White Rose Award

Resources  (opens in new tabs / windows)
“BREEAM Dream” – BSJ’s review of the Innovate Green Office
“Quiet Revolutionary” – Building Magazine’s review of the Innovate Green Office
“Innovate Office, A New Standard for Sustainable Buildings” – Doug’s paper on the design of the Innovate Green Office
“Mixed Mode Cooling using Termodeck with CHP” – Doug’s paper on the control strategy for the Innovate Green Office
“The UK’s Greenest Office?” – A lecture Doug gave for The Concrete Centre in 2008

The Genzyme Centre, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Photo: The Genzyme CentreDoug helped bring a European, low energy, approach to the US with this landmark building. With internal gardens and an intelligent facade, it breaks the mould of conventional air-conditioned American buildings. The use of opening windows and a full height atrium for ventilation was a first for Massachusetts. The project was, until recently, the largest building in the world to achieve a LEED Platinum rating.

Project Details
Architect: Behnisch, Behnisch & Partner
Engineer: Doug King / Buro Happold
Project Value: $100,000,000
Completed: 2003
Awards: RIBA Worldwide Award

Resources  (opens in new tabs / windows)
USGBC’s Case Study of the Genzyme Centre

The Tank Museum, Bovington, Dorset

Photo: The Tank MuseumThe Tank Museum’s collection was in dire need of better conservation environmental conditions, but no-one had ever designed a museum specifically for tanks before. Doug developed a unique combination of underfloor displacement ventilation and radiant heating to control condensation and corrosion on the tank hulls. He then daylit the space to provide excellent conditions for display without the need for electricity.

Project Details
Architect: Kennedy O’Callaghan Architects
Engineer: Doug King / King Shaw Associates
Project Value: £10,000,000
Completed: 2009

Millennium Sainsbury’s Store, Greenwich

Photo: Millennium Sainsbury'sDoug was concept designer for this flagship store which Building Magazine described as the most radical design in the history of retailing. His inspiration to turn the conventional store upside down provided daylight and natural ventilation. Ground water cooling coupled with heat recovery from the food refrigeration delivered enhanced operation and comfort. The store achieved a 50% reduction in energy consumption and the only ever maximum BREEAM (2/91) score for superstores.

Project Details
Architect: Chetwood Associates
Engineer: Doug King / Max Fordham & Partners
Project Value: £12,500,000
Completed: 2000
Awards: Stirling Prize Shortlisted, Millennium Product Award

Resources (opens in new tabs / windows)
“Sainsbury Supermarket, Greenwich Peninsula” – CABE case study of the Millennium Sainsbury’s
“A New Superstore Environment for the Next Millennium” – Doug’s paper on the design of the Millennium Sainsbury’s

RSC Courtyard Theatre, Stratford upon Avon

Photo: RSC Courtyard TheatreDoug provided the systems engineering design for a temporary auditorium for the Royal Shakespeare Company to use during refurbishment of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. The 1050 seat theatre features one of the most sophisticated auditoria in the world, but was designed to be dismantled and removed from the site. However the theatre has proved so popular that even with completion of the RST project there are calls for the Courtyard Theatre to become a permanent.

Project Details
Architect: Ian Ritchie Architects
Engineer: Doug King / King Shaw Associates
Project Value: £6,000,000
Completed: 2006
Awards: RIBA National Award

Resources  (opens in new tabs / windows)
“The Show Must Go On” – BSJ Comment on the Courtyard Theatre

Photo of fabric ducts

Fabric ducts provide overhead displacement ventilation in the first application of its kind

Concept sketch for fabric ducts

Doug’s original concept for the overhead displacement ventilation at the Courtyard Theatre using fabric ducts