Doug Defends the Green Deal

Doug was caught actually defending the Green Deal (kind of) in the Daily Mail today! Someone conflated the issue of overheating in recently insulated properties with the Green Deal and heatwave deaths to create a scandal. Doug had to try and provide some balance (within the limits of selective quoting).

2 thoughts on “Doug Defends the Green Deal

  1. Most experts will agree that the Green Deal’s launch has been a dismal failure, with fewer than 10 having actually taken up the offer. An alternative model has arisen in Greater Manchester though, one which focuses on deep, whole-house solutions, which is supported with 0% finance as well as ECO funding, and which has already seen good uptake in its initial areas:

    I met the founder of this co-op last week and he thinks that his model is something that can really take off. There are many advantages to their working model and I hope to see more from this movement in the future.

    • Thanks for that Adam.
      It is great to see communities coming together all over the UK to provide what the Green Deal lacks: a focus on holistic solutions, the trust and confidence that comes from being able to talk to others going through the process and the opportunity to share learning.

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