No matter how hard we try things occasionally go wrong.

Doug KingDoug King provides expert inspection and evaluation services for the rectification of defects in building services installations. With his extensive experience in designing, specifying and supervising the installation of building services systems, Doug is able to provide impartial, expert services for disputes and litigation. However, Doug often goes further. Based on his philosophy of cross industry cooperation and collaboration, he will endeavour to find pragmatic solutions to the problems being experienced.

Modern buildings are incredibly complex systems and often the failures occur at the interfaces between systems that are apparently working within specified parameters. Manufacturers and installers often find it impossible to diagnose such failures as none of the components is to blame. With his scientific background, Doug King has a deep understanding of the complex interactions that occur within modern building services installations. He also has a deep understanding of control theory and the ways in which the building’s natural thermal response can impact on the function of the systems.

Doug has diagnosed control failures and system design problems for clients such as the Royal Albert Hall and Transport for London, as well as acting as an expert in a number of contract disputes between clients and contractors.