Engaging Teams in Sustainable Design

Doug King in a sustainable design workshopDoug King believes that universal capability in sustainable building is essential to the future success of the construction industry. Therefore he prefers, wherever possible, to be engaged on a co-design basis. This means that he works collaboratively with established design teams to exchange knowledge. He does not hoard his expertise, simply producing completed designs developed in isolation.

With Doug, you get specifically tailored advice from an expert who has been at the forefront of sustainable building design for over 20 years. Doug brings a wealth of experience to projects, having designed some of the world’s most successful environmental buildings. This won’t simply be a box ticking exercise from an environmental scheme assessor.

If you are engaged in a building project, considering a development or operating a building then Doug can help you:

“Sustainability is too important to be owned by anyone. Information must be freely shared if we are going to succeed in building the future low carbon economy”

  • Achieve the highest possible BREEAM or LEED ratings;
  • Evaluate alternative strategies, methods and products to suit specific goals;
  • Develop optimum energy strategies for new and existing buildings;
  • Develop cost effective sustainability strategies for planning applications;
  • Develop carbon reduction action plans for business operations;
  • Optimise the energy efficiency of systems and installations;
  • Assess opportunities for low carbon and renewable energy;
  • Identify and interpret sustainability achievements for the public.

Millennium Sainsbury Doug’s successes come from looking beyond simple regulatory compliance to identify tangible benefits of sustainability, enhancing commercial opportunities and creating competitive edge. This is based on developing a thorough understanding of client’s business objectives. He is not afraid to challenge convention and to innovate where this will deliver identifiable benefits.

Doug additionally has specific skills to optimise designs through the application of building physics. He has an unparalleled depth of understanding of energy consumption and conservation. He can make rapid and accurate evaluations of the success or otherwise of proposed strategies. He has been involved in developing building analysis and modelling techniques and can accurately critique the outputs of building performance simulations, energy modelling and predictions.