Curating Place Charrette


On Friday this week (6th June) Doug will be taking part in the first design charrette organised by new social enterprise Curating Place. The purpose of the enterprise is to reconnect design with construction and provide valuable experience and possibly even employment to young people across the construction industry. This sounds like a cause worth supporting.

Project win at Maltese Brewery


Doug has been appointed to work alongside Ian Ritchie Architects in preparing a master plan and concept designs for a new visitor centre and business park at Farsons Brewery on Malta. Farsons came to prominence in the environmental design sector in the late 1980s when it commissioned Europe’s largest passively conditioned industrial building from Brian Ford and Alan Short of Peake Short and Partners. All three, Brian, Alan and the building have all gone on to achieve distinguished careers in environmental design and have been influences on Doug’s own thinking in the field.

Two Debates


Doug is feeling argumentative. Next week he will be taking part in two debates:

1. Monday 9th December at the Cambridge Union Doug will help to argue against the motion “This house believes that BIM is the answer”. This debate is being hosted jointly by The Edge and Cambridge IDBE. Come along and join in if you are in Cambridge.

2. Tuesday 10th December sees the debut Saint Gobain online debate to discuss the motion “There is no useful definition of what a sustainable building is”. Doug will be arguing for the motion and the debate runs until 20th December with the usual to and fro with plenty of opportunity for contributions from the online audience.

Please do join in these important discussions. More details can be found by following the links above.