6 March 2013
Doug is due to speak at Ecobuild in the politics of carbon measurements with other members of the Edge.

27 January 2013
Doug is heading off to Puducherry in India to help in the design of a new residential education centre for sustainable agriculture being developed by the Sri Aurobindo Society, the charity behind one of the largest ashrams in the country.

22 January 2013
Doug joined a panel of internationally leading architects and urban designers, including  Jan Gehl and David Mackay, to help the residents of Redcliffe in Bristol to develop their ideas and plans for the redevelopment of Redcliffe Way in one of the first initiatives under the new localism bill.

21 January 2013
The bids for the Centres of Excellence in Sustainable Building Design have all been received and will now undergo evaluation by an independent panel before the final host universities are selected. It is expected to announce the results at the CIBSE Technical Symposium in April.

19 November 2012
Building for Change published an interview with Doug today.
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6 November 2012
Doug presented a short lecture on the benefits of active thermal mass in achieving low energy and low cost comfort in commercial buildings in support of the launch of a new guide “Passive and Active Cooling with Concrete Floors” by the Concrete Centre.

5 November 2012
Tonight the 2012 New Fellows were inducted into the Royal Academy of Engineering at the annual dinner. Doug gave the response on behalf of the Fellows to the welcome speeches by the President, Sir John Parker and the Past President, Lord Browne.

31 October 2012
Today Doug launched an initiative at the Royal Academy of Engineering to establish a network of university Centres of Excellence, building on the ideas set out in his report The Case for Centres of Excellence in Sustainable Building Design.

2 October 2012
Doug has been invited to join the RIBA Sustainable Futures Group.

20 September 2012
Along with 248 others, Doug has been appointed by Design Council CABE to their panel of Built Environment Experts. 
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1 August 2012
Doug participated in The Global Business Summit on Education held on 01 August 2012. It was a unique forum for industry, government and academia to debate opportunities, challenges and topical themes in this crucial sector.
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16 July 2012
Doug King has been elected Fellow of The Royal Academy of Engineering.
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13 July 2012

Doug was a keynote speaker at the EPSRC funded Limesnet conference on sustainable and innovative building materials.

1 July 2012
Doug is appointed as Chief Science and Engineering Adviser to Building Research Establishment (BRE).

16 June 2012
Today Doug flies to Baghdad to join the jury to select the design for the new Iraqi Parliament Building. Rumour has it that the security measures cost $10,000 per person per day for the three day trip.

11 June 2012
Doug was at the Royal Academy of Engineering today to launch his latest report on the need to enhance construction industry skills in the field of sustainable design.
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7 June 2012
Doug was speaking at the Centre for Window & Cladding Technology conference on the future for facade systems.

16 May 2012
Doug attended the AJ100 awards dinner as judge for the Sustainable Practice Award.
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20 April 2012
Doug presented the first breakfast briefing hosted by Black Architecture on the subject of Eco-Porn
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30 March 2012
Doug received the Outstanding Achievement Award at the ACE/NCE Consultants of the Year Awards lunch at Claridges, shortly before flying to Lebanon to teach sustainable architecture for a week at the Beirut Arab University.
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13 March 2012
Doug set the scene on the challenges of low carbon refurbishment facing the construction industry at Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios’ Front Room debate.
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9 March 2012
Doug appears at number 11 in Building Design’s listing of the 50 most influential people in UK Sustainable Construction.
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9 February 2012
Tonight Doug received his Honorary Fellowship from RIBA President, Angela Brady at the RIBA Fellowships Dinner, whilst the Gold Medal was awarded to Herman Hertzberger.